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ISCAGUARD PFA (Paraben Free Preservative)

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Iscaguard® PFA is a “preservative free additive” with a synergistic combination of multifunctional cosmetic raw materials with broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection. Iscaguard® PFA may be classed as a “preservative free system”. This system represent an alternative to traditional cosmetic preservatives allowing self-preserving formulations thereby reducing irritant and sensitizing potentials.

Iscaguard® PFA is stable and active over a pH range of 4 to 8. Typical use levels for Iscaguard® PFA range from 0.5 % to 1.5 %. It is synergistic in combination with chelating agents.

Regulatory StatusIscaguard® PFA is permitted worldwide for use in both leave-on and rinse-off personal care products. 

EU – allowed without restriction (not listed on Annex VI) 
USA – allowed without restriction 
Japan – allowed without restrictions

Phenethyl alcohol is judged safe for use in cosmetics to 1.0 %. Based on the CIR review for phenethyl alcohol and the good toxicity assessment for caprylyl glycol Iscaguard® PFA should be safe in cosmetics up to 1.8 %

INCI name: phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol

Using Iscaguard® PFAIscaguard® PFA is particularly suitable for emulsions, oil and surfactant based formulations and may be used in aqueous formulations up to its solubility limit i.e. 0.6 %. Iscaguard® PFA can be added to formulation at temperatures up to 80 ºC, prolonged heating at elevated temperatures is not recommended.



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